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your daily cajun lesson

~weird~ things people eat here


theyre a lot of work to peal and get the actual meat out but once you do its amazing. dont rub your eyes after eating this.


it might look like sausage, but trust me its not. you don’t want to know what the put in there.


looks like chicken. tastes like chicken. but its definitely not chicken.


yep its pork fat with pork skins attached. (nasty!!)


people put all kinds of stuff in gumbo. seafood, chicken, sausage, okra, etc. you might have had some variation of this before but it will never be as good as straight out of louisiana


rice with meat and other things idk how to describe this


kind of like gumbo but not really

also this

you put it on everything

is your food to bland? put some tonys on it

not spicy enough? put some tonys on it

and yeah thats all i can think of right now there you go

  1. jupiterbadjune said: pork rinds are so gross. I have tried all of these except boudin
  2. finestimpulses said: i’m laughing omg. alligator. cracklins. have you tried them or
  3. notoneheartbeatdoiforget said: the only things i’d eat would be the jambalaya, etouffe, and gumbo…. lol
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